We did it… the 3 Peaks Challenge…

Well just a little over a few weeks ago – 10 fit (well almost) chaps went on a crusade to peak the 3 mountains – known as the 3 Peaks Challenge, one of them being our very own Arran Atkinson…

The “Peaked2early” team took to the hills to raise money for AMMF. One of the team’s (Derek Owen, CEO Totem) father passed away in December 2009 from Cholangiocarcinoma, and the challenge is a great way to raise money and also awareness of AMMF.

photo-1-300x169The team did a fantastic job in raising over £4000 for their 3 Peaks Challenge. “It was a gruelling challenge over 2 days, the weather was perfect, the team all very focused and driven. We attacked Ben Nevis early Saturday morning. Great start, not too many other walkers and arrived at the peak to a white out and snow on the top. Beautiful scenery and great weather for us all the way down back into sunnier climates”, said Arran.

After some patching of feet, tending to a few bruises, some re-hydration and the multiple Costa coffee pit stops, we arrived at the base of Scafell Pike late in the evening. We had stunning views, fantastic skyline and a truly amazing and warm ascent. We quick stepped down Scafell to the re-charging of food supplies and water, and the much needed chance of a few hours’ sleep.

We arrived to a beautiful morning at the base of Snowdon, all fit and ready to go. However, due to travel and logistics arrangements – we unfortunately only had a few hours on Snowdon before having to return to our transport and make our way back to Manchester train station where our pre-booked train was awaiting. All in all we walked for over 16 hours on the three mountains. A few of us are popping back to Snowdon in the next few weeks to finish where we left off. Great effort by all the team, some fantastic memories and fun camaraderie. It was a fantastic experience.”

If you would like to donate it’s not too late at : Click here to donate

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