Hot Water on Tap

The hot tap trend has made its mark in the interior design world, providing instant hot water on demand.  Did you know the huge environmental benefits these taps can bring to your household?

According to Waterwise  a running tap wastes over 6 litres of water per minute, something that the hot tap avoids completely. Instant boiling water taps ensure that no water is ever wasted. Did you know that overfilling a kettle costs British households approximately £68 million on energy bills a year according to a study by Energy Saving Trust?

Conserving both water and energy is becoming a primary environmental concern and is extremely high on Forays’ priority list. Hot taps are not only great for the environment though, their sleek, no fuss design takes up less space on your kitchen counter.

From washing up, to speedy steaming for your vegetables to making that cuppa first thing in the morning – your hot tap saves you time too. You can also rest assured that safety has been considered and the designs have childproof handle and insulated sides. This makes them safer than kettles and pans with boiling water. Did you know thirteen under 5s are severely burnt or scalded in the home every year according to ROSPA and a child’s skin can still continue to scald even 15 minutes afterwards? Another reason to love a hot tap!

We use hot taps in our properties and recommend top suppliers such as Quooker, Zip Water and InSinkErator. These give our homes that additional touch of luxury, convenience and environmental benefit.

Don’t overfill your kettle ever again! For more information about hot taps and how your home can benefit from them, check out Quooker, Zip Water and InSinkErator for more information.

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