Lockdown easing…..

After seven weeks it looks like Boris is looking to ease the lockdown and I am sure we are all eager to find out what our new normal will be.

These last seven weeks have been anything but quiet, all the Forays team have been working from home albeit in studies, dining rooms, lounges or bedrooms.

We are pleased and encouraged how many buyers have been keen to keep their plans in place and are delighted that we have been able to secure exchanges and completions in these difficult times, whilst of course adhering to the government guidelines.

This situation has changed our lives and the lives of everyone we work with and most people around the World, but we look forward to returning to the office and returning to some form of normality.

What has been very evident, and we would love to see continue when we are past this, and we WILL be past this at some point, is the massive sense of community spirit ! Long may this continue !

We would like to say a big thank you to the NHS and all the key and front line workers who have continued to serve our country through these unprecedented times, and wish everyone well to get through this.

Stay Well and Safe

The Forays Team



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