Lynda jumps off Spinnaker Tower… for charity of course

Lynda Perry from the Forays accounts team, has signed up to do an abseil from the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth with Jess, her daughter. They will be making the 100m leap this weekend!

Jess was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2009 when she was only 11 years old. This meant going from a happy & carefree childhood to doing blood tests and injections sometimes more than 6 times a day, it was life changing.

In 2012 Jess was fortunate enough to be given an insulin pump; a new piece of technology that made her life so much easier.

Lynda and Jess are looking to raise money for JDRF who not only support people living with Type 1 diabetes but are also leading research into new technology to help people with type 1 diabetes; a worthwhile cause.

Please follow their story, and if you can, please donate by following the link to their Just Giving page.

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