No place like home……

In homes all over the country those in lockdown are thinking about life after release and of post-virus life.

During these tough times I think we can all agree that this has taught us the value of our homes, be it a house or apartment. It’s true to say that for those without outside space the isolation has been much harder, but our homes have kept us safe.

During this unpresented time lockdown has given many of us the time to re-evaluate how and where we live. The way we communicate with colleagues, friends and family has changed, along with the way we shop, work and exercise.

Some of us will want a more substantial home where some of us will be looking to downsize.  Maybe some of us will look at a change in location, be it to the countryside or a bustling town or city, but our needs of what we need in a home…feeling safe and secure, won’t change.

Forays Homes are still open for business and will be back in our offices in Frimley when this emergency is over to continue building and help you with the purchase of your new home.

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