Out with the old, in with the new

With a 5 percent increase in new builds from 2015 to 2016, it is no surprise that more people are opting for modern and contemporary rather than old and characterful. With the proven increase in popularity of new builds, we are here to share why we think they are becoming more popular and why you should consider that swanky new build over an older home. 

Less maintenance

Let’s start with the obvious; due to the building techniques and requirements of a new build, it is safe to say that the cost of up keep is considerably less than an older property. This will save you time and money allowing you to spend more time doing the things you like best. Our new builds, for example, are built to last, to the highest specifications, using only the best building materials and suppliers.

Safety and security

There is no need to feel unsafe in your own home. Don’t risk compromising locks, doors and windows. When buying a property of any size, whether it is a 1 bedroom flat, or a 6 bedroom house, peace of mind is essential. Ensure that your home has all of the modern safety requirements necessary. We build our homes to the “Secure by Design” industry standards and fit all our new builds with an alarm, window locks and a 5 lever security door as a standard.

Money saving

In the long term, new builds are more energy efficient and will save you money. If brand new, the house will be untouched and clean when you move in, ready for use. No need to decorate or rip up old carpets, you can begin making it your own instantly. According to New Homes you could save up to 53% owning and running a new build per year.


If buying a home off plan takes your fancy then you may be given the choice of finishes and fittings. This allows you to put your personal stamp on the property during the construction process making the home feel like yours before you’ve even set foot in the property.


All our new builds come with a 10-year warranty, which covers structural defects with the property, which means more peace of mind for its owner. No need to be caught out with unexpected costs when you move in!

With technology improving and household gadgets becoming more and more popular, would you not want a house that could easily accommodate these features? For more information about smart homes, check out our article here.

Our Oast Houses at Bentley, demonstrate old becoming new as we carefully rebuilt the properties brick by existing brick. This enabled the development to retain all of its existing character whilst adding new life, better insulation and modern design features to the homes. Will you be opting for a new build of your own?

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New is Greener and Cheaper

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