We’re moving home

After years of working from the Old Exchange, Farnham we are packing up and heading to our new office in Frimley. On 21st October we will be experiencing the excitement (and a bit of stress) that all our many customers feel when they move home.

We have been in the Old Exchange, Farnham for 20 years; we’ve had countless meetings, endless cups of coffee (a fair few celebratory beers) and most importantly plenty of development completions. But the time has come for us to settle in our pastures new and spend more time in the office and less time on the A331. We’ve also heard there’s a Krispy Kreme very close to our new place.

Our new office is at No.1 Archipelago, Frimley – to save arguments on the pronunciation click here. The move will be seamless (we hope) and once we’re settled nothing will have changed except our address and our neighbours.

We’re still Forays, we’re still on the same phone number and with the same email addresses. You can catch up with what we’re up to in the usual places on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll post some pics of our new place once we’re sorted. We’re hoping to find a new public space for Archie – for those of you who will miss him hanging off the balcony in his latest outfit!

If you want to come over for a coffee once we’re settled drop us a line and then drop by at: Arran@forays.co.uk or Roger@forays.co.uk

Forays Homes, 1 Archipelago, Lyon Way, Frimley, GU16 7ER




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