Work hard, play hard with artificial grass

Since its first appearance in 2010 at Chelsea Flower Show, we’ve all heard about it and seen it. Having come on leaps and bounds from sports AstroTurf pitches, there have been incredible design developments that make artificial grass almost indistinguishable from the real thing. It is no surprise that the trend has taken off and sales are almost doubling each year.

Made up of a mixture of polymers, infill of sand or rubber and multiple other layers, artificial grass was first invented in 1963 specifically for sporting fields and has since moved into more commercial and residential use. If gardening isn’t for you or you just want outdoor space that’s low maintenance allowing for that bit of extra downtime then artificial grass is right for you. It requires no mowing, trimming, or watering and can easily be washed down or raked. Its ease of use will help allow you to live a life of relaxation (we hope).

We are all aware of the impact that the changing seasons can have on the wear and tear of your garden, especially if you have pets. Muddy paws are never pleasant, especially in the colder wetter months. Thankfully pets can’t ruin artificial grass or dig it up meaning mess will be dramatically reduced. No more muddy gardens this winter means it will look great all year-round.

It can be tailored to your requirements and be used in a variety of circumstances from swimming pool non-slip surrounds and kids play areas to home putting greens and rooftop gardens. Who said it had to be limited to just making your life easier, it’s practical too. It is always ideal for anyone who can no longer physically maintain their garden. Holiday home owners or anyone who isn’t regularly on site will always seen the benefits of coming back to a consistently green lawn. Perhaps you are organising an event where the foot fall will be high, with artificial grass, the state of it post event will be the least of your problems.

Costs of artificial grass vary from £10 to £30 per square metre meaning there is something to suit a variety of budgets. Although it is a one off cost, you can’t avoid the fact that high quality artificial grass is expensive, especially if you are getting someone else to install it for you. Consequently, the less expensive options out their can appear unnatural and obviously fake. But you shouldn’t have to replace it very often with an average shelf life of roughly 15 years, traffic dependent. There are ways of doing this yourself although it will require proper preparation and skill, similarly to laying a carpet or an actual lawn.

Most synthetic grasses include a drainage layer meaning that water won’t collect on top. This also means that it is not easily recycled and despite maintenance being minimal it will still need to be washed down, as it is not self-sanitizing therefore if you have pets you may notice this especially.

We are all living in a busy time taken up by work, families and housework. Using this in your garden can give you some time back and takeaway from the dreaded garden maintenance; perfect for those who want to enjoy their garden without having to maintain it. Artificial grass is undoubtedly not for everyone but what will fit your gardening lifestyle?

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